Garden Maintenance:
🏡Dust off the lawn mower and dig it out of the garden shed. skilfully -manicured lawns are given an edge and tell buyers that you pay attention to small details. Diagonally mowed lawns make your lawn appear larger, so be sure to cut in that pattern. You’ll also want to use a weed killer and get along the edges of your garden, driveway and walkways. Be sure to rake the lawn, clean up dead leaves and debris on your lawn, and trim the bushes. Don’t let overgrown vegetation block the windows or path to the entrance. Cutting bushes and tree branches will let the sun inside and showcase the exterior of your home.
🌾💐🌾💐Purchase some plants/Flowers Yellow flowers specifically stimulate buying urges. After a long winter, everybody is anxious to see the first signs of spring appearing. Yellow tulips and daffodils induce feelings of happiness and contentment. Arrange containers in groups of three or five near the entrance.
🏠🏠Wash those windows. Washing your windows completely and polishing all the mirrors is essential. A potential buyer may not realize why your home seems so inviting but will feel drawn to it if the windows are spotless and your mirrors reflect sunlight. Cleaning is the first step to setting a good impression! And first impressions last!
🤩🤩Clean Drapery Send your window coverings to the dry cleaners or wash, dry, and press them. Toss blinds into a soapy bathtub for a quick wash. Get rid of all accumulated dust and spider webs. Crisp linens and a springtime breeze through the windows invite the season inside.
🌼🌼🌼Set Out Fresh Flowers Fresh flowers and natural scents are more appealing than artificial. Clever home staging brings colour and fragrance indoors. Even air fresheners and diffusers can give a really lovely fragrance.
☺️☺️☺️Clean Floors Your hardwood floors should be refinished, if necessary. Make your ceramic and linoleum floors twinkle and shine, and thoroughly clean all floor rugs.
🌂🌂🌂Place Outdoor Mat and Umbrella Stand No matter where you live, spring weather is often unpredictable. It can be boiling one day and snowing the next. If it’s raining, give buyers a place to put umbrellas and wipe their feet before entering your home. Some sellers lay down plastic runners across floors for protection or even plastic shoe covers.
🙌🙌🙌Tidy Up make sure you have spruced the place up, by making it as neat and tidy as possible. Plump those cushions, refold the frows and pop those toys in the cupboard. Think show home!🌼🌼🌼