Moving day always seems to approach very quickly, we can very overwhelmed, very quickly when thinking about all the belongings that you own that need to be packed, or maybe you have left it to last minute?.  Rather than rushing and risking damaging your stuff, follow these tips to be get all your belongings safely to your new home.

1. Labeling the Boxes Correctly

Labeling the boxes correctly will save so much time. Don’t just write the contents of the box on one side of the box, place it in multiple areas so you can read it when other boxes or items may be in the way. It might be a little time consuming now, but it will be easier to identify what is in the box and what room it needs to when your taking it into your new house.

2. Packing and Moving by Room

Packing boxes by room will make it easier to keep these boxes together in the moving vehicle as well as unloading them all together into the appropriate room in the new house. You feel less overwhelmed packing one room at a time. Packing room by room also eliminates the chance that you will be mixing items from different rooms in the same boxes.

3. Using the Right Boxes and Packing Paper

Used cardboard boxes from the supermarket are usually un sturdy and cause damage to your items. Used boxes might be damaged or have spills inside, attracting all sorts of bugs into your home. Newspaper can run and leave stains on your belongings, only use plain packing paper and sturdy plastic storage boxes to keep your belongings safe until they arrive at their destination.

4. Filling the Boxes to the Top

Your boxes need to be full to the top to prevent more boxes being unnecessarily used and more space being  taken up and also if a box is not full to the top any boxes put on top can crush the half empty box underneath.

5. Leaving Linens and Clothing Alone

Leave clothes in drawers or wardrobe to save space and also adds protection to the clothes whilst moving! If you can leave the wardrobe standing then like cello tape the doors to keep them shut during the move.


Happy moving!